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The Challenge:

"Nothing is as intense as a conversation eye-to-eye".

That is a wide spread belief in the coaching and leadership training industry. And that is exactly our challenge: How can we transport the intensity and change power of coaching conversations, or of an exciting leadership training to the digital world? When they say: "Impossible!", we say:  "not only possible, but we can create something even better!"


If you're interested in helping to develop answers to that question: Welcome aboard!



Your Turn:

I am looking for creative millenials. Young people who would like to help me to catapult topics such as "leadership development", "coaching" and "the learning in organization" into the 21st century. Have you recently finished university and now you're wondering what your next step will be?  Let's talk.


Martin Spütz:

I have 24 very exciting years of experience under my belt. As an executive coach, consultant, und leadership-facilitator I have supported leaders in all kinds of industries in their endeavour to create a modern high-performance culture. An impressive number of DAX-companies are my clients. Among them Bayer, Thyssenkrupp, Siemens and BMW. I have worked with top executives in media, steel, automotive, chemical industry and telecommunication, to name a few. Leadership is the approach, communication the tool. Help me to take it to the net! You bring your enthusiasm, your ideas, your understanding of modern electronic communication, social media and the net and I will offer my experience and mentoring. Let' talk...


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